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LAR “CATS CRADLE” ARMCHAIR - EAMES - Herman Miller edition
  • LAR “CATS CRADLE” ARMCHAIR - EAMES - Herman Miller edition

LAR “CATS CRADLE” ARM CHAIR - EAMES - Herman Miller edition (1953 - 1972) - 2 pièces disponibles


The Eames LAR “Cats Cradle” armchair -  Why this name?

LAR: L forLow , A for Arm Chair, R for on Rod (R) (Base).



Why "Cats Cradle" or "berceau du chat": it is this game with the elastic between our fingers, this game with which we played when we were children! See those tangled elastics? 

For the LAR chair, it’s the same: the base of the legs is made of wire and is bent in shape to form two horizontal supports that connect to the floor and give an almost triangular appearance - like our set of elastic bands.

The LAR “Cats Cradle” arm chair is one of the 5 original legs of the fiberglass shell chairs that were marketed from 1950: the rocking RAR, the DAR Eiffel, the studded-foot DAX and the four-foot DAX, and therefore also the LAR. 

This chair is special because it was essentially designed as a living room chair: it is low and therefore perfect for coffe table. It is fundamentally different from other RAR and LAX lounge options. We can easily imagine that its design was a real contrast to the traditional and austere seats of the 1940s and 1950s.

The Eames “Cats Cradle” chair never sold as many as the other variants, but it lasted until Herman Miller discontinued production in the mid-1960s.

The LAR was unfortunately not revived as part of Herman Miller’s reintroduction of the plastic chair series in 2001, but it was later revived with the fiberglass reissues.

This “cats cradle” arm chair has become one of the most popular models for collectors… They are in very good condition! It’s your turn to play 

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