Pack-up your item

If your package weighs less than 30 kg and it corresponds to the characteristics below, the seller is in charge of sending.
Postal delivery: You can decide whether to insure the parcel or not. Without insurance, you will not be compensated by the transport company in the event of breakage and you will be responsible for all costs.
If you insure the parcel via La Poste or Mondial Relay, the cost of insurance is €23/kilo. In case of a problem, we will refund the customer directly and in full and you will have to request compensation from the delivery service in question.
Dimension colis
For parcels over 30 kg, the buyer bears the cost of delivery. We take care of sending quotes to our partners to ensure a pick up from seller’s place to the buyer's place.

Less than 30 kg

  1. Use a box a little larger than the object to be sent so that there is enough space to insert protective equipment.
  2. Fill empty spaces with bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper to prevent goods from moving during transport.
  3. If you are sending multiple items in one box, wrap them separately in cushioning material and center them in the carton so that they do not come into contact with other objects or with the sides, corners, the top or the bottom of the cardboard.
  4. For irregularly shaped objects, protect all sharp edges with tape.
  5. Heal the closure of your package by using a wide and strong adhesive tape.
  6. Make the packaging without anything protruding: avoid strings, flaps and handles.
  7. Place the shipping information inside and outside the package. Include the recipient's address and yours.
  8. Paste a "Fragile" shipping label or positioning indicators to enhance the safety of your fragile parcels.

More than 30 kg

  1. If you can, disassemble your furniture.
  2. The drawers may open during transport, so it is best to remove them and pack them separately or tape them well , so they can not open.
  3. Remove the furniture legs, wrap them separately and store them in a bag that you will attach under the underside of the cabinet.
  4. Protect the corners of the furniture with bubble paper or cardboard.
  5. Cover the furniture to avoid scratches and tears.
  6. Pack the cushions in plastic bags.
  7. Place the furniture in a rigid container and consider including upholstery material.